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Underarm hair - Armpit Hair

Although Underarm Hair is natural, it is still considered unattractive by many, and great efforts are taken to remove unwanted Underarm Hair based on a person's personal preference, a fashion necessity or due to style concerns. Underarm hair removal is usually practiced by women, particularly if sleeveless or strapless garments are worn that might reveal the hair.

Underarm hair usually appears as we go through puberty, but the extent of Underarm Hair growth varies from person to person. While some people may only have a small patch of fine hair concentrated in the armpit hollow, other people may find that hair growth is not limited to the hollow, but is far more extensive.

Underarm hair is generally dark, and it may become darker over time (based on one's body chemistry). Armpit hair is also generally longer and coarser than other bodily hair. These two facts make Underarm Hair much more visible than hair found on other body parts, so consistent Hair Removal becomes an essential.

Though many people believe that Armpit Hair grows thicker after it was removed, this is not true, and the number of follicles in the armpit does not grow as a result of shaving or the use of Depilatory Creams.

Avoiding Armpit Irritations

Since the skin in the Underarm area is quite sensitive, hair removal in the armpits could be painful, and skin irritations, nicks and cuts are not uncommon. Using the right Hair Removal techniques can help you increase the chances for avoiding these complications, and help you get the look you were aiming for.

Benefits of Underarm Hair Removal

There are no known benefits to having Underarm Hair, but there are definite advantages to removing it to promote cleanliness. If excessive hair is removed, it cannot retain sweat, dirt or odor-causing bacteria. This is most important for people with sweat gland problems, since the hair makes deodorants and antiperspirants less effective since they are not applied directly on the skin.

Professional athletes, particularly swimmers and Bikers, may also remove excessive Underarm Hair to help reduce friction and streamline their performance.

Depilatory Creams

Shaving your armpits can be difficult or painful, so the use of Depilatory Creams can effectively solve your problems, and eliminate unwanted Underarm Hair by dissolving it. The problem with using Depilatory Creams for your armpits is that the chemicals in these creams are quite harsh, and are therefore not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Shaving Underarm Hair

If you wish to shave your armpits, make sure you soak the area in warm water (take a bath or a shower) before you attempt to shave your armpits. This will soften the hairs, and make removal easier. Use shaving cream or gel to further soften the hairs – do not use soap instead of shaving cream.

It is easier to remove Underarm Hair using a regular razor by applying short strokes from several directions, while keeping your skin pulled tight to reduce the chances of cutting yourself. Rinse your blade frequently as you shave. If you have an electric shaver that can work with lotions, it may also be effective, but usually not as effective as a razor.

Do not apply deodorant immediately after you shave as they may sting and irritate your skin.


When you shave your underarms, parts of the hair remain under the skin, so Underarms usually look dark. To avoid this dark look, you can Wax your underarms to remove hair from the root, so no parts of the hairs are left under the skin, and the armpits look clean. Regular waxing also reduces Underarm Hair growth in general over time.

Since shaving makes Underarm Hair thicker, waxing your armpits after using shaving for a long time can sometimes have great results, since the wax gets a good grip and pulls the hairs out completely, leaving your armpits clean and light. There are chances your armpits may bleed very slightly, so don't get unduly worried if this happens.

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