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The modern world with its tough competition and intense pressure leave most individuals stressed out completely. Recent studies and tests have proved that excessive stress or tension can lead to baldness in a man. These factors have been traced other than the traditional factor that hair loss depends largely on genes and is related to heredity. Although hair transplant is known to provide effective solution to the problem of baldness or hair loss, the concerned individuals are now worried about the after effects of the surgery which is hair transplant scar.

What leaves a hair transplant scar?

As the name suggests, the hair transplant scar is caused due to hair transplant surgery. But what exactly causes this? Traditional hair transplant surgeries have been done following the process of Strip harvesting.

In the strip harvesting procedure of hair transplant, the surgeon uses local anesthesia on that region of the patient’s scalp containing healthy hair follicles. A portion of the scalp along with the hair follicles is then stripped off. That portion of the scalp is then cut into fine pieces known as graft. This graft is then planted on that portion of the patient’s scalp that has minimal hair or is subject to baldness. This process of stripping off the scalp results in the formation of hair transplant scar.

Removal of hair transplant scar

The hair transplant scar can be removed or cured by several processes:

•Go for the Follicle Unit Transplant. In this case, the surgeon will take out microscopic follicles of hair from that portion of your scalp containing hair and will transplant them to that part of your scalp that is subject to hair loss.

•Try to keep your hair short. Many people have this generalized misconception that the scar will remain hidden amidst the camouflage of the long hair. But long hair actually makes the scar more visible. It is therefore advisable to keep the hair short as it will conceal the scar.

•Use of cortisone injections can help in reducing prominent scars.

•A concerned individual can also contact a dermatologist for reducing the scar. The dermatologist may prescribe dermal fillers containing collagen, fat and other substances. The dermal fillers can do a great job in concealing the scar.

•You can also opt for dermabrasion. This technique will involve controlled scraping of the skin layers by the expert surgeons. The surgeons will replenish the skin layers and this will help in removing the hair transplant scar.

Photos of hair transplant scar on the website

If you have decided that you want to opt for hair transplant surgery, then it is advisable that you do a little background work on it first. The websites provide numerous hair transplant photos that are regularly posted by the best hair transplant doctors from around the world.

These photos have been posted so that the surgeons all over the world can work upon improving their skills and try to leave a minimal hair transplant scar on the scalp of the patients.

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