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Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is a surgical method of bringing back the natural hair on to the scalp of those individuals who are either bald or are experiencing massive rate of hair thinning and hair loss. The best thing about the hair restoration surgery is the fact that the individuals are not only getting back the natural covering of the hair but can also perform various activities like comb the hair, shampoo it or even color it.

Where to go for hair restoration procedure?

People suffering from the problems of hair loss, excessive thinning of hair and baldness often feels confused about whom to approach and where exactly to go for hair restoration procedure. Instead of feeling helpless, the concerned individuals can consult the various health clinics and skin experts. These health clinics provide effective solution to the problem of hair loss along with other skin problems.

In case these people find it difficult to consult the health clinics or visit them in person, what they can do is browse the net. There are various websites that are dedicated to hair transplant and recovery from hair loss. These websites offer detailed contact information about the various surgeons and doctors who are expert in the hair transplant surgery.

How does the process of hair restoration surgery work?

The hair restoration surgery procedure usually works in two basic steps:

•Strip Harvesting: The process of strip harvesting involved the traditional method of transplanting the hair. In this process, a strip of the individual’s scalp was cut and taken out. This portion of the scalp from which the strip was taken out, usually contained the healthy hair follicles. This strip was then cut into smaller pieces. The finely cut pieces are termed as graft. The graft is then transplanted into that part of the scalp that was experiencing the loss of hair.

•Follicular Unit Transplantation: The process of Follicular Unit Transplantation is a more advanced and developed method of hair restoration. In this surgical process, minute hair follicles are carefully picked and then transplanted onto that portion of the scalp that is prone to baldness and hair loss. This process is easy, smooth, time saving and less painful. The individual being operated upon can recover within seven days of the operation.

Present day hair restoration surgery

In the present day, more and more people are opting for the Follicular Unit Transplantation as the safest and the easiest mode of hair restoration surgery. This is because the FUT does not leave any scar on the scalp of the patient. And the patient can recover within few days of being operated upon. Those individuals who have undergone strip harvesting and are left with a deep scar can get treated by laser techniques and Micro Hair Transplant in order to conceal their scars.

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