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Shaving is probably one of the oldest and most convenient ways to remove excess hair. Shaving hair removal is a short-term solution as the hair can grow back in one or two days but it does a great job when you want quick-fix solutions!

Shaving hair removal is one of the oldest methods of removing excess hair. You can leverage this convenient technique to remove hair from a wide variety of areas. All you need is a razor to get started and it is hassle-free and non-messy.

Tips for safe shaving

One of the side effects of shaving hair removal is that it can easily cause cuts and nicks on the skin. One should never apply excess pressure on the razor as that can cause cuts on the skin surface. Always shave after a shower. It helps open up pores and makes the skin easy to shave. Shaving and hair removal require to be done using a proper shaving gel or even regular soap. Always shave in the direction of the hair growth. If you are not sure about the direction of growth you should comb your hair. Then glide the razor gently in the same direction. Razor quality must be good and it should be clean, rust-free and sharp. By using clean and sharp razors for shaving hair removal you reduce chances of getting ingrown hairs. One of the shaving tips many people ignore is shaving opposite to the hair growth direction. Doing so can result in ingrown hair on the skin. These ingrown hairs can appear as small bumps and can cause pain as well. One of the other shaving tips is that if your skin is sensitive you should avoid trying shaving hair removal as it can damage the skin. Never repeat the strokes as it can sensitize skin and cut it. Always use long, singular strokes when using shaving and hair removal techniques.

Calming effect

Once you have finished shaving you should wash the area gently with cold water. This helps close up the pores. It also helps to tone down the skin, which can get agitated with the hot water and shaving hair removal. Ideally, you should wash off all residues of the shaving gel or soap. Always make sure to apply a good quality moisturizer after shaving. By following these shaving tips you can enjoy smoother, hair-free skin for longer.

How to select the right shaving cream

Everyone has different needs when it comes to skincare. The kind of shaving cream used is no exception to this rule. If you want to know which cream is best for your shaving and hair removal make sure to consult with your dermatologist. Based on your skin type and condition, he or she will prescribe the perfect shaving cream for you. Certain skins are more sensitive so only mild ingredients must be present in the shaving cream. If you are a man and are shaving your facial hair, make sure to use aftershave lotion to calm and moisturize the area. You can also use aftershave cologne for a nice fragrance.

How to select the best razor

Noone wants to have ingrown hairs after a shaving and hair removal session. This is where a good quality razor can prove invaluable. The razor should be manufactured from a reputed brand. It also needs to have lubricating strips or comfort strips near the blade. Razors, which have safety guards also work well to prevent nicks and cuts on the skin. There are many different types of razors available in the market. For women, there are razors for sensitive women’s skin. These have extra comfort strips to aid protection while shaving hair removal.

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