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Many people prefer not to indulge in complete bikini line hair removal. Instead, they choose to groom the hair to create innovative publc hair designs. There are dedicated stencils available in the market, which can assist you in creating a customized design as per choice.

Pubic hair designs bear their roots thousands of years ago when both women and men scraped or plucked the hair from the pubic region to stylize it. Today, fortunately people do not have to resort to such painful methods as many tools and equipments are available to facilitate interesting pubic hair styles.

Things you require

If you plan to create customized pubic hair designs on your own you need some basic equipment to get started. You need to have shaving gel of the transparent kind, so that you can easily see the area being shaved. You also require scissors, comb, razor, stencils, mirror, a stencil pencil as well as aftershave astringent. Ideally, the astringent needs to have salicylic acid in it.

Popular designs

There are many different pubic hair designs you can create these days thanks to the many innovative designs offered by stencils. The popular designs range from landing strip, inverted triangle, which is a basic and common shape, happy faces, hearts, stars, diamonds, check marks, butterflies, square, lips and many others. Thus, according to your preference you can select from any of these unique pubic hair styles!

Trimming is important

Trimming the pubic hair is important to make the process of bikini hair removal easier. A portion of the bikini line will surely need to be shaved to create the pubic hair designs that you want. Ideally, you should trim the pubic hair a quarter inch or the length you want in the design.

Showering before shaving

Showering before shaving to create pubic hair styles is a good idea because it softens the pubic hair. You should scrub and use an exfoliating agent on the upper thigh and pubic region to avoid a scenario of ingrown hairs. Make sure to dry up thoroughly once you finish showering.

How to use stencils

Start by placing the stencil against the pubic hair region. Then you can use the stencil pencil or even a lip pencil to trace out the design of the outline. Keep the stencil aside and make sure you can easily see the newly traced pubic hair designs.

The right way to shave

You need to apply your transparent shaving gel to the pubic hair region. Then start shaving from the outside to the inside. Your objective is to leave the pubic hair inside the pubic hair designs border and shave all around it. Make sure to repeat application of the gel and rinse razor couple of times to get a clean shaved look.

Excess trimming

You can further trim the pubic hair by combing it and using the scissors for this. However, this is as per your discretion.

Post care

Once you have shaved and created the desired pubic hair styles you need you should rinse off all the gel and the outline of the pencil. Then apply the astringent lotion containing salicylic acid. Use plenty of moisturizer afterwards to keep the area hydrated.

By following these tips for pubic hair designs you will achieve optimal results.

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