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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the popular techniques amongst people. Most people want a permanent solution to getting rid of superfluous hair and a laser treatment can do the job successfully. Many people have doubts as to whether this treatment can provide permanent results. Here we explore all aspects about this treatment.

Laser hair removal proves to be the best option if your answer to these questions is yes:

  • Are you tired of going to the beauty parlor each month to get your hands and legs waxed?
  • Do you hate using the hair removal creams because they are so messy?
  • Or do you detest the pain cause by epilating machines?
  • Questions commonly asked

    Most people tend to ask questions such as how much will be laser hair removal cost or if the process is relatively sale or is it painful. These are some of the questions asked before people proceed with the treatment.

    The process

    Laser hair removal comprises processes whereby a laser beam is focused on specific areas of the skin where hair needs to be removed. These laser beams attract hair follicles and once in target, burn the follicles at the root itself. Since the hair is burnt at the root level, the subsequent growth is finer with lesser color, thereby resulting in a relatively permanent laser hair removal experience.

    Darker hair lighter skin

    Darker tones of hair will show optimal results with laser hair removal. If the person has a fairer or lighter complexion, the results are better because dark skinned persons tend to get burnt because of the concentrated laser beams. For the laser hair removal to work the person should have contrasting differences between skin and hair color.

    Convenient hair removal

    You can leverage the power of laser hair removal to effectively as well as safely eliminate hair. Areas such as underarms, hands, legs, shoulders, back, bikini line and other regions can be rid of all unwanted hair.

    Side effects

    Typical side effects of laser hair removal include minor swelling and redness in the skin. This symptom disappears in one or two days’ time. Other than this, no other side effects are known.

    Interval treatments

    When you decide to go for permanent laser hair removal you need to visit the technician in intervals. This is because the hair grows in different parts of your body as per specific cycles. Hence, if you want hair removal across different portions of the body, you need to do it in various sittings.


    Laser hair removal cannot completely provide a permanent solution to hair removal. However, compared to other removal treatments, this is a permanent laser hair removal technique. The hair, which grows back will be finer in texture and have lesser color. To the question of whether it is painful, if anesthetics are used then you will feel no pain. Besides, areas where hair removal is especially difficult can be easily handled with laser hair removal technique.

    The cost

    The laser hair removal cost depends on the kind of procedure you have opted for. Factors influencing the cost include region of the body, skin type, hair thickness, skin conditions etc. Another factor pertaining to price of laser hair removal is the number of procedures needed to eliminate hair successfully.

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