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There are many possibilities when it comes to facial hair removal. You can wax, shave, bleach or tweeze your unwanted facial hair, but you will still feel uneasy when meeting people face-to-face, and worry that your facial hair may show. The biggest problem is that facial hair is very hard to conceal, and this is the why so many women around the world take painstaking measures trying to cover-up their facial hair using various creams and make-ups powders.

The cover-up task becomes even more difficult over time, since facial hair tends to grow stronger, thicker and darker when we try to remove it on a regular basis. Our skin is also sometimes affected by our repetitive attempts to remove facial hair, and skin irritation, or even permanent damage are not rare.

Facial Hair as We Age

As a woman's skin ages, many facial hairs that naturally cover her face covert from the almost invisible type (vellus hairs) to the darker, thicker and move visible terminal hairs, making the cosmetic cover-up attempts harder with time. This phenomenon is not exclusive to women – you can also see these terminal hairs on men, especially on their ears.

Using Depilatory creams for Facial Hair

Since Depilatory Creams are mildly caustic, and "burn" the hair below the skin's surface in a chemical reaction, they can also cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin, specifically in sensitive areas of the body like our face. These creams also often do not remove all of the hair. This is why Depilatory Creams are more suited to widespread and less sensitive areas, like removing leg hair.

The results of Facial Hair removal using Depilatory Creams will last for one to two weeks before you need to repeat the process, and the procedure in a whole is quite inexpensive.

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