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Intense Pulsed Light

If you are apprehensive about the pain that electrolysis or laser hair removal methods cause, then intense pulsed light therapy is perfect for you. This hair removal technique is safer and gentler compared to the other popular hair removal methods in the market.

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal can be a safer, gentler and more cost-effective alternative to people who want a pain-free approach to hair removal. This is a sophisticated method, which can target larger areas as compared to laser or electrolysis.

Why it is better

One of the reasons the IPL hair removal technique works so well is because it is gentler on the skin. Through a special process where specific light wavelengths penetrate skin layers, the hair follicle melanin is targeted. This helps to destroy any regrowth possibilities in the follicle. This is a non-invasive technique, which does not cause pain and is completely safe with no side-effects. In addition, the frequency of visits needed to leverage the intense pulsed light hair removal is also fewer. This can result in dramatic cost savings for those who hate spending top dollar on expensive laser or electrolysis treatments.

Easy and advanced

The beauty of IPL hair removal technique is that it is very easy. It combines advanced techniques as compared to laser hair removal. In addition, unlike laser treatment, which tends to work best on darker hair and lighter skin tones, in the intense pulsed light technique it works well on a wide range of hair and skin tones.

Large and delicate areas

It is the versatility of the IPL hair removal method, which makes it conducive in targeting large as well as delicate areas. One can leverage this technique to target areas such as back, legs and other large sections or even delicate small regions like eye area, upper lips etc. However, the intense pulsed light technique requires skilled personnel to operate this technique. Using specialized computer equipment, which has been TGA and FDA approved, the technicians transmit pulsed light into hair follicles. This helps ‘deaden’ the follicle without causing any damage to the surrounding skin!

Wide range of hair problems targeted

With the IPL hair removal technique, even problems such as ingrown hairs can be tackled effectively. Even those who are faced with hair problems related to hormonal imbalances can safely leverage the intense pulsed light removal technique.

Summer is here

Summer is just round the corner. That means, more visits to the beach, skin show and the need to have a smooth, hair-free body! If you have tried out other hair removal options such as electrolysis and laser and hate the pain and tediousness of it all then IPL hair removal can come to the rescue. This technique is non-invasive. It targets the hair root, without causing any damage or scarring to surrounding skin or tissue. Unlike laser and electrolysis, which necessitate many visits to rid an entire region of hair, in intense pulsed light treatment there are fewer visits needed. A single session of electrolysis can seem cheaper. However, when you calculate the costs over the numerous sessions needed, it works out expensive. This is where intense pulsed light hair removal works out more cost effective. Since the number of sittings is reduced, you reduce overall costs significantly. In addition, Intense Pulsed Light is safe and gentle on the skin!

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