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Most people look for convenience when it comes to hair removal. One of the most hassle-free ways to get rid of unwanted hair is with a depilatory agent. These are available in the form of topical creams, which get rid of hair from the root.

Depilatory hair removal remains one of the most preferred forms to remove unwanted hair. One of the reasons for this is because of its cost effectiveness combined with the hassle-free approach. However, there are certain aspects that need to be considered before you use any of the depilatory creams available in the market.

Is depilation right for you?

You need to ask yourself if depilatory agents are the right choice for you when it comes to hair removal. If your skin is sensitive then the depilatory creams may not be an optimal choice for you. These creams contain chemicals, which work by dissolving the hair from the root. Thus, while the overall results maybe impressive, it can cause rashes, burning and other skin issues if you are not careful.

Precautions to exercise

Before you invest in any hair removal cream make sure to do a patch test. Even the manufacturer instructions will tell you to do this. Make sure to apply a small amount on the inside of your elbow and wait for the instructed time to see if any reaction occurs. You need to observe your skin for at least one day to see if any rash or sensitivity occurs on the skin. If your skin remains normal, it is safe to use this brand of depilatory cream. If you are switching brands, make sure to do a fresh patch test before using the new hair removal cream. Since chemical concentrations differ from one brand to another, a patch test is essential everytime you switch to a new brand of depilatory creams.

How the creams work

Depilatory creams contain certain chemicals, which can easily dissolve the hair from the root. In terms of application, all you need to do is take the desired amount of the hair removal cream and apply to the specific area. Wait for around 15-20 minutes and then use the spatula to remove the dissolved hair. The results are impressive because the hair is removed from the root, thereby leaving no stubbles as in the case of shaving.

The best time to use

A depilatory is best used after you have finished taking a shower. This way, the skin’s pores open up and the hair is softer, making it more conducive to removal. You should avoid using such depilatory creams on scarred or cut skin as the chemicals can irritate the sensitive skin in such areas. Never rub the depilatory cream. Instead, apply thick coats of the cream to avoid skin irritation. Do not exceed the time limit specified for applying the hair removal cream as this can result in burnt or damaged skin. Remember, the chemicals in such depilatory agents can be very strong for the skin. If you experience irritation even after doing a patch test safely, use soothing aloe vera gel to calm the sensitive skin. After you use any of the depilatories never scrub the skin as it can irritate the skin. If you are going into the sun, use a sunscreen on the skin after you have used the depilatory cream.

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