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Before hair transplant surgery came into being people used various methods to deal with hair loss. Some of them would sport the bald look and some would wear wigs to hide their baldness. For many people, sporting a full head of hair is a matter of pride and prestige and they would do anything to hide their empty head. But with the modern surgical procedures now available, it is much easier to assume a natural hairy look.

Hair transplant surgery has indeed come a long way from what it used to be. Even a few years ago you could look at someone and tell with confidence that he or she had had a surgical hair transplant. The hair would seem unnatural and would stand out apart from the natural hair. With the modern cosmetic surgery process, it is impossible to say one had a hair transplant surgery done.

Follicular hair transplant

Follicular hair transplant is one of the most effective methods of hair transplant surgery. It is common knowledge that hair is lost at the front and top of the head. If you look at a partially bald person you will see that the hair is always present at the back of the scalp. They keep growing and stay healthy.

In this method of hair transplant surgery these strands of hair at the back of the head are planted to the other areas of the scalp that have lost hair. The entire process involves planting hundreds and thousands of these strands to the areas where they are needed. The roots of the implanted hair are kept intact. The professional cosmetic surgeons also ensure that the angle of the implanted hair is maintained so that they look natural against the rest of the hair on that particular area of the scalp.

The cost of hair transplant surgery

Since hair transplant surgery is a very specialized process it is costlier than some of the other cosmetic surgery processes. The type of surgery also decides how much you would need to pay for the procedure. But even if you see that a more professional cosmetic surgeon is asking for more for the same procedure it is worthwhile spending that extra amount. You don’t want anything to go amiss in this procedure and hence, it is vital that you choose your surgeon carefully.

Other information about hair transplant surgery

If you want some prior information about hair transplant surgery before you actually go for one then you can always go through some of the hair transplant videos available on the Internet. There are plenty of free video websites that can show you plenty of hair transplant surgery videos so that you have full information and can take an informed decision.

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