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For most people a first time bikini wax can be a daunting experience, especially if you are scared of the pain involved. However, the results are very impressive and you can do your own bikini wax from the comfort of home. Here we show you how.

Bikini wax can be a scary thought for most people. However, if done the right way, then you can enjoy smooth skin in the pubic region for a long time. If you love skimpy outfits and swimming on the beach then you need to go for either a Brazilian bikini wax or a French bikini wax.

What is a bikini wax

A bikini wax is a special kind of wax, which is used to remove hair from the pubic region. There are different formulations available in the market to make the process of bikini hair removal easier for customers.

What is French bikini wax

French bikini wax is a special wax, also called modified bikini wax. Through this method, all the pubic hair and surrounding hairs of the genitalia are removed completely. Even hairs located on the upper thighs as well as buttocks are removed with this technique. Only a fine sliver of hair is left on the pubic region. According to the customer’s requirements, even the hair located on the sides of the labia will be removed through this technique of bikini wax.

What is Brazilian bikini wax

The Brazilian bikini wax is a technique of hair removal, which entails complete removal of hair from every part of the pubic region. Thus, the entire area surrounding the genitalia is clean and smooth and devoid of hair. The process of such a kind of bikini wax can be surely painful and you should only opt for it if you are ready for the move.

Precautions to observe

Since bikini wax is such a personal and intimate experience, you need to ensure a professional and experienced person performs it. If this is your first time bikini wax make sure to do it in a professional salon and not at home. The pain can be excruciating and it is advisable to take some painkillers before you start the process. The bikini wax must be performed under strict hygienic and safe conditions. There are plenty of bacteria, which thrive in the region and hence sanitation and hygiene are essential factors to consider.

Costly but well worth it

Both Brazilian bikini wax as well as French bikini wax can work out expensive, as much as 100 or 50 dollars for a single session. However, all the money spent is worth the pain and the effort because of the impressive results you see. Once you indulge in a bikini wax, you will find that the hair grows back less often and it is finer in nature. You will also realize that the subsequent sessions will reduce as hair growth diminishes. Soon you may find that you hardly need to go for a bikini wax procedure!

Hair length

When opting for a bikini wax procedure, you need to ensure that your pubic hair is the right length. In other words, it should not be too long or too short. Ideally, the proper length is around a quarter inch. The waxing expert may trim the hair if it is too long. Once you go for a bikini wax treatment you realize the benefits it provides!

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