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Pubic hair - Genital Hair

Pubic Hair Removal has become very fashionable during the last few years. Removing your Pubic Hair is not just a fashion statement - it is also a matter of personal hygiene because it can help you avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).

Problems with Genital Hair Removal

Since the pubic area is very sensitive, Pubic Hair Removal could be painful, especially if you use the infamous Brazilian Waxing method. For those who do Genital Hair Removal or bikini hair removal for the first time, it may be difficult to adjust to the new feeling of giving the area bare.

Other issues you should take into consideration are the possibilities of ingrown hairs and infections, which may appear as itchy or painful bumps.

Some shaving products, such as shaving creams, talcum powders, soaps and moisturizers, can cause an allergic reaction for some people, so make sure you test your shaving products on a small area before you apply them to your genital area.

Shaving Your Pubic Hair

If you choose to shave your pubic hair, you should know that using a razor and shaving cream could be very time consuming, since you need to be extra careful to avoid cuts. Trimming your Genital Hair short using an electric shaver, clipper or a trimmer before you begin shaving can help you save time during the shaving process, since razors are designed to shave short hairs. If you decide to use scissors for the trimming process, make sure you use them with extreme caution.

To soften the Pubic Hairs, soak them in warm water or take a hot shower. After you do so apply a lubricant (do not shave without one!) like a shaving cream or a shaving gel.

Stretch your skin tightly, and start shaving your Pubic hair with strokes in the direction to which the hairs grow. For a smoother shave you may want to complete the shaving in the opposite direction, but this type of shave may increase the chances for irritations and ingrown hairs.

To complete the shaving process, you can remove dead skin and other substances from the area by gently cleansing using a loofa sponge. Doing this may help prevent the clogging of your pores, infections and ingrown hairs. Once clean, you can also use Aloe Vera cream or Baby oil to moisturize the pubic area.

After you shave the pubic area, make sure you clean the area on a daily basis. You can moisturize the area to avoid possible irritations. To keep the area smooth you will need to shave about once a week to avoid uncomfortable stubble, which may cause itching. Avoid tight fitting clothes if you can, because these cloths keep the air circulation to a minimum, and cause friction, leading to the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Using Depilatory Creams

Using Depilatory Creams to remove excess Pubic Hair can be a quick way to tidy up your bikini line, but they should not be used for the actual pubic area. Even if you use the cream just for your bikini line, make sure you read the instructions well, and that the cream you are using is suitable for removing Pubic Hair from your bikini line. Note that facial Depilatory Creams should not be used for your Bikini Line. Depilatory Creams dissolve the hair, so their effect is longer than the effect of shaving, but not as long as the effect of waxing.

The downside of using Depilatory Creams is the possible allergic reaction to the chemicals in the cream, and the unpleasant smell of the cream itself. Make sure you test the cream on your elbow before you apply it on your bikini line.

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