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Electrolysis hair removal has emerged as a sought-after and popular way to remove hair. Individual hair strands can be removed with this technique and is a permanent way to remove hair from different parts of the body. It is also an ancient technique as it was discovered back in 1869.

Electrolysis hair removal can prove to be a permanent solution of hair removal. It provides you with long lasting results, unlike most of the other hair removal techniques available these days.

FDA approved

When compared to all the other semi-permanent hair removal techniques, it is the electrolysis hair removal which truly makes a mark. In fact, this is the only hair removal technique to be approved by the FDA as well as AMA or American Medical Association as a permanent hair removal technique.


Typically, electronic needles, epilators and tweezers are the most commonly used when it comes to electrolysis hair removal methods. In the needle electrolysis procedure, a needle is placed into individual hair follicles after which an electric shock is applied gently. This disables the root of the hair. Due to chemical action as well as heat application the hair’s root gets disabled. Since the hair root is ‘deadened’ so to speak, the hair cannot grow back, making it a permanent method of hair removal. In the epilator method of electrolysis hair removal short-waved radio frequencies get used. These destroy regions of hair growth. If you want to eliminate hair from any specific region you need to opt for multiple electrolysis hair removal sessions.

How much does it cost

If you are wondering how much electrolysis hair removal cost is it depends on many factors. If you want to remove hair from specific regions, you will need to opt for multiple hair removal sessions. Since individual hair follicles are painstakingly removed, the process can be time-consuming. If the area of hair removal is large, the electrolysis hair removal cost will also be more. The frequency of multiple sessions will also vary based on individual hair thickness, area to be targeted etc. Thus, frequency of sessions can range between biweekly, weekly, monthly etc. according to hair growth. The resulting costs will also differ accordingly.

Electrolysis vs laser hair removal

Probably one of the most significant differences between laser and electrolysis hair removal is that the former is permanent while the latter is not. When comparing electrolyis vs laser hair removal keep in mind that electrolysis deadens the hair root while laser does not. This means that even after a laser treatment the hair will grow back while in electrolysis hair removal the hair does not grow back. The other difference is that electrolysis hair removal is an older technique and hence more reliable when compared to the fairly recent laser removal method. In addition, chances of side effects and scarring are lesser with electrolysis hair removal methods compared to laser. Also, unlike laser, which works best on dark hair and light skin color, electrolysis hair removal works well on both light as well as dark hair. In the case of laser removal, if the person is dark-skinned it can result in pigmentation problems because the melanin is attacked by the laser. In the case of electrolysis hair removal there is no such side effect. In terms of costs, electrolysis hair removal cost is more when perceived over the numerous sessions needed.

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