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Abdominal hair

Abdominal hair refers to the hair, which grows on the abdomen of humans. Female abdominal hair is less common as compared to male abdominal hair, although it does exist in some amount. There are also differences in abdominal hair pattern amongst individuals. Understanding these patterns and nature of hair growth is essential if you wish to get rid of unwanted hair here.

Abdominal hair is hair found between the pubic and chest regions in humans. The hair typically grows in a downwards direction from the chest until the navel region and from the pubic area it grows upwards until the navel.

When it is necessary for removal

Female abdominal hair is less common but it does happen. While most women tend to have fine hairs along this region, some women can have excessive hair growth here. Such a condition is called Hirsutism and the abdominal hair in such women looks like a man’s hair. It is thick and dense in the abdominal area. While men can get away with it, across most cultures, women are expected to have hair-free abdomens. This is where hair removal becomes essential.

Understanding hair patterns

There are primarily four different kinds of abdominal hair pattern noticed across most men. These are namely horizontal, Acuminate, Sagittal and Disperse also known as Quadrangular. In the horizontal abdominal hair pattern the pubic hair ends in one horizontal line and it does not extend into the abdominal region. Thus in such people, there is no abdominal hair. In the Sagittal abdominal hair pattern the hair extends like a narrow vertical strip until the navel. Thus, in such persons, the abdominal hair is very sparse and resembles a snail trail. In the Acuminate abdominal hair pattern the hair growth resembles an inverted V formation. This hair growth extends from pubic region and can terminate either just under the navel, at navel or above it. At times, the hair can terminate at the chest as well. Thus, in such persons the abdominal hair is sparse to fairly dense. In the Disperse or quadrangular abdominal hair pattern the hair is widely distributed across the entire abdomen. It does not form any specific geometric pattern. Most of these people have dense abdominal hair in this region.

Female abdominal hair patterns

The incidence of female abdominal hair resembles the horizontal abdominal hair pattern. Thus, the pubic hair terminates into a horizontal line without extending to the abdomen. Just a small percentage of females have been found with the Sagittal abdominal hair pattern.

Puberty – start of abdominal hair

Abdominal hair starts becoming prominent only once a person reaches puberty. Till then, the hair is extremely fine and barely visible. After puberty, which can happen anywhere from 13 to 16 years of age, the person starts noticing many changes in the body, one of which is in the abdominal hair pattern. Most women will not get much of abdominal hair even once they are well past their puberty. However, if there is a fine growth, then using hair removal techniques can help. Please note, however, that once you use any of the hair removal techniques on the abdominal hair the hair grows back denser. Therefore, once you start using hair removal techniques like waxing, depilatory creams or even shaving on the abdominal hair, be prepared for it to grow back with a double vengeance! You will need to continue these hair removal treatments on your abdominal hair once you start it.

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