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Baldness is a genetic disorder that usually affects the men. The modern world is full of cut throat competition, tight schedules, tight deadlines and intense pressure. The pressure can be peer pressure, financial pressure or the pressure of work. All these factors together combined results in an increased stress and tension among the individuals. The excess stress and tension result in loss of hair and baldness among men. Even women suffer from hair loss but then their problem can be solved by using the right oil, shampoo and the conditioner. But when the men suffer from hair loss and hair thinning, the only solution that the men can look for is hair restoration process.

What is hair restoration?

Hair restoration is the name of the surgery through which the hair is restored on the bald scalp and also on those areas that has experienced massive thinning of the hair. The hair restoration surgery requires transplantation of hair.

The hair transplant surgery is done only by the efficient surgeons. As a result of the hair transplant, the individuals suffering from excess hair loss and baldness can get back the hair coverings and that too without the use of any drugs or medications.

How effective is the hair transplant?

Successful hair transplant procedures lead to successful hair restoration surgery. Previously the hair restoration procedure used to be a painful one and used to leave a deep scar on the individual’s scalp.

But with developments in the medical field, this problem has been solved to a larger extent. Hair transplant usually takes place in two ways:

•Strip Harvesting: In this method, a portion of the individual’s scalp is cut and stripped off. Usually this portion is that portion of the scalp that still contains follicles of healthy hair. The stripped portion of the scalp is then cut into smaller pieces. These pieces are called grafts which are then planted on that portion of the scalp that is experiencing massive hair loss or baldness. This procedure leaves a deep scar on the scalp of the individual.

•Follicular Unit Transplantation: The strip harvesting method left a deep scar on the scalp of the individuals. The scar was often the cause of embarrassment in public places especially if the individual is in a profession where he has to confront large number of people daily. Through Follicular Unit Transplantation only microscopic hair follicles are taken and transplanted on that portion of the scalp that is exposed to baldness. This procedure is more effective as it reduces the chances of leaving a scar on the individual’s scalp.

The procedure of hair restoration is a boon for those individuals who are worried that their loss of hair will affect their career, profession or even relationship. With effective hair restoration procedure, many depressed individuals now possess beautiful hair and are doing good in their careers, professions and relationships.

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