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Depilatory Creams - The Complete Guide

If you're looking for a short term hair removal solution, Depilatory Creams could be your answer. A Depilatory Cream can remove unwanted hair when you are in a hurry, and it is an easy, painless and effective process. The effect of a Depilatory process should last for several days.

As far as for most hair removal methods and techniques, Depilatory Creams are deeper than a shave so it does not cause stubble, but do not get as deep as waxing does.

Depilatory Creams Disadvantages

Depilatory Creams do have some disadvantages. Since these creams "burn" the hair below the skin's surface in a chemical reaction, they can also cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin, specifically in sensitive areas of the body like around the eyes.

On the whole, Depilatory Creams are gentle and risk-free enough so that today they are widely available for personal hair removal of the regular home consumer.

Minimizing Skin Irritation

To minimize the chances of skin irritation, do not exceed the recommended time for leaving the cream on your skin. It is also wise to first test the cream on your forearm before you apply to cream to a more sensitive area, so you'll be able to determine whether you are sensitive to the cream. Look for discoloration, staining or an allergic reaction.

Applying the cream

In order to soften the hair you want to remove, and open the follicles, it is best to first place a warm washcloth on the area you want to treat. This way the cream can be better absorbed, and the treatment can be more successful.

To remove the cream, wipe the treated area thoroughly with a washcloth while applying moderate pressure so that more of the hair shaft can be removed.

What is a Depilatory Cream

A Depilatory Cream contains a mixture of chemicals, such as Sodium and Calcium Thioglycolat, that are mildly caustic.

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